Prepared Meal Trays


Our sealed prepared trays produce ready made, sealed take away meals. This includes prepared meals, take out foods, refrigerated meals, convenience entrées, home delivery. The biggest advantage for this product line with the Skirt-All® design is how easy it is for you to fill and for your customer to open and use.


Another advantage is money when you use our automated filling machines. Every retailer, restaurant or caterer can produce small-scale packaging that is leak-proof, can be kept for several days, stays hot longer and if you use our intelligent foil IPS® can be cooked by your customer in the microwave at home.


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ALLIEDFLEX® blends flexible packaging innovation with world class packaging machinery solutions.  Success is accomplished through 25 years of application experience bringing hundreds of products to market in innovative pouch packaging. Our global packaging supplier alliances and strategic machinery partners represent the finest technological solutions in the world enabling us the flexibility to provide a stand alone machine or a complete integrated system. 
ALLIEDFLEX® is proud to be the USA distributor for Abarka.


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