Semi-Automatic FLX Pro Filling and Sealing Machine


This FLX Skirt-AllTM Pro Semi-Automatic Packaging Machine is the low cost solution for filling and sealing your on-the go snacking & travel cups with snacks, confectionaries, nuts, fruits, cut vegetables, etc.


The Skirt-All® Design packaging is the solution to showcase your products! The packaging has an authentic look, but it is easy to process industrially! In the past, glass pots were used with a cloth and a string and this retro look is back with the Skirt-All® Design packaging. The various sizes of cups are easy to place in the machine and with a simple operation they are both sealed and fitted with the traditional 'skirt'. Air and liquid tight! The skirt also makes it easy to remove the foil! The foil and the cups can be fitted with your own print!


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ALLIEDFLEX® blends flexible packaging innovation with world class packaging machinery solutions.  Success is accomplished through 25 years of application experience bringing hundreds of products to market in innovative pouch packaging. Our global packaging supplier alliances and strategic machinery partners represent the finest technological solutions in the world enabling us the flexibility to provide a stand alone machine or a complete integrated system. 
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